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Labor and Delivery in West Omaha

The Methodist Women's Hospital Labor and Delivery Unit delivers more babies than any other hospital in the region. We've designed our large, private labor and delivery rooms with the safety and comfort of mothers in mind. Some of the features include:

  • Wireless Electronic Fetal Monitoring
    Your baby's heart rate and your contractions can be monitored without requiring you to be attached by wires. This means you can move around the room and the halls to help your labor progress - all while your health and the health of your baby is safely being monitored.
  • Same-sided Room Design
    Our labor and delivery rooms are designed with all equipment in the same place - making it easier for the staff to quickly delivery care to you and baby. Labor bed Our labor beds are equipped with a Tempur-Pedic mattress for comfort. The beds can be placed in many different positions to assist with individual labor preferences. The beds can be reconfigured rapidly to aid changes in labor.
  • Jacuzzi Tubs
    Some labor and delivery rooms are equipped with a jacuzzi tub to help ease your pain during labor.
  • In-room Medical Equipment
    Each labor and delivery room is equipped with surgery-grade lighting in the ceiling to ensure your physician or midwife have maximum light for your delivery. The rooms are also designed with storage to keep most medical equipment out-of-sight until needed.
  • For Baby
    Once baby is born, he or she will need a warm place for the first examination. A special cabinet houses a portable baby warmer, oxygen lines and other medical needs in the unlikely case baby needs these.
  • Safety for Mom and Baby
    No one plans on a complicated birth. Sometimes, however, your baby may need extra attention from our in-house Neonatal ICU. Our labor and delivery rooms are each designed with enough space to accommodate an entire code team should that be necessary. Each room also has a "code pink" button which automatically calls and holds the elevator for the transfer of the baby to the NICU.

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Birth Plan

Planning for the birth of your baby is an exciting time. You have many choices to make for your labor, delivery and postpartum stay with us.

Our Birth Plan worksheet (also available in Spanish) will help you identify and communicate your wishes to your health care team. Please take some time to talk with your spouse or labor support person about the options you have available to you. Then, fill in this plan and give copies to the following people:

  • Your health care provider (physician/midwife)
  • The staff at the hospital (bring a copy in your labor bag)
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