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Your Journey

We’re dedicated to helping you throughout your weight loss journey. After you or your primary care provider contacts us, we’ll send you an informational packet and ask about your health history and insurance coverage. It’s an important first step as we tailor a plan for you.
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Insurance and Financial Options

We accept most insurance plans, many of which cover bariatric surgery or medical weight management. We will verify your benefits to ensure coverage and review your insurance plan’s requirements with you. Requirements vary by policy and may include:

  • A documented history of weight loss attempts
  • A psychological evaluation and nutrition counseling
  • Certain BMI levels
  • Previous and/or postsurgical participation in a physician-supervised weight management program

We’re here to walk you through the approval process, from start to finish. Our staff will submit your information to your insurance company for approval. Our goal is to determine what your insurance will cover and whether it will be covered at Methodist.

Self-pay options also are available.


Review Your Health Information

After completing the insurance verification form, please fill out our patient intake form if you are scheduled for an appointment or would like us to review your health information.


BMI and Age Requirements

Candidates for surgery in the Methodist bariatric program must:

  • Be adults 65 or younger
  • Have a BMI of 40 or greater with no major health issues (hypertension, diabetes, etc.)
  • Have a BMI of 35 or greater with additional health issues

There may be other requirements, such as smoking cessation or losing weight to become a better surgical candidate.


Personalized Care

Patients who continue on the path toward bariatric surgery will meet with a dietitian in our clinic for a nutritional evaluation. They can also expect a phone call from staff to further discuss their health history.

Then comes an appointment with a surgeon. A patient can expect to discuss current health, procedures appropriate for their situation, risks, weight loss goals and other topics.

Mental preparation is equally important: A surgical candidate must undergo a psychological evaluation.

Throughout the process, our team strives to assess your situation and tailor a comprehensive treatment plan that is right for you.



The relationship we’ve built doesn’t end after surgery.

During regular postoperative appointments, our staff will review your blood work to ensure you aren’t nutritionally deficient, discuss vitamins, work to reinforce healthy habits and offer emotional support. Some patients benefit from time with a counselor as they adjust physically and mentally to the changes they’re experiencing.


The challenges after surgery or a procedure can vary, but we’re confident our partnership will keep you on the long-term path to success.

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