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Blood Conservation Program

Our doctors, nurses and other hospital staff work together using specialized techniques and equipment to reduce blood loss and retain your own blood during surgery.
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Methodist Hospital and Methodist Women's Hospital offer blood conservation programs, which reduce or eliminate the need for donor blood transfusions. This comprehensive approach to patient care results in:

  • Less viral exposure
  • Reduced complications
  • Shorter hospital stays

A Team Approach 

At Methodist, our integrated, multidisciplinary team approach ensures proper management of your blood needs before, during and after your hospital stay. We use medication therapy and the latest technology to offer you the best possible outcome.

Blood Conservation Is Available at These Locations:

State-of-the-Art Care

Our blood conservation team uses some of the most advanced methods available to help minimize blood loss while ensuring the highest quality of patient care.

  • Cell Saver
    This technology captures and returns a patient's own blood during or after surgery.

  • Electrocautery
    This process involves surgical instruments that use high temperatures to seal vessels and stop bleeding during surgery.

  • Harmonic Scalpel
    This surgical tool uses sound waves to cut tissue and seal vessels.

  • Acute Normovolemic Hemodilution
    This process removes a portion of an individual's red blood cells and replaces them with volume-expanding intravenous (IV) fluids that dilute the blood in order to reduce the loss of red blood cells during surgery.

  • Hypotensive Anesthesia
    This process keeps a patient's blood pressure below normal during surgery to minimize blood loss.

  • Platelet Gel
    This sealant is made from the patient’s blood and used in the area of a surgical incision to aid in healing.

  • Skin Monitors
    These devices track the skin's oxygen levels during surgery.

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