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Community Counseling Program Counselors

Our team of licensed mental health practitioners provides accessible and affordable behavioral health care where you live, work and learn.
Photo of Tabitha Jameson, LMHP, Counselor

Tabitha Jameson, LIMHP

Tabitha Jameson, MA, LIMHP, is a counselor with the Methodist Hospital Community Counseling Program. She prefers to keep a diverse caseload and enjoys the fact that every client is different.

That said, she finds herself working mostly with middle school students and clients with major mental illness – two groups of individuals that truly inspire her to balance compassion with skilled technique.

“I think when a client really believes that you accept them and care about them – that is a crucial step in working together,” she said. “Especially when working with kids. Sure, I can give them my best stuff, but if they don’t feel like I care about them, they won’t listen or try new skills.”

Jameson uses a client-directed approach – in which she focuses on what her clients wish to work on rather than what she thinks they should work on. She lives for the hundreds of little “aha moments,” when her clients learn something about themselves or discover that something she said or did was helpful.

“I’ve seen a lot of people with a lot of different issues and – even with as diverse as we all are – I’m always struck by how our basic needs are always the same,” she said. “I want my clients to know that I work hard to meet them where they’re at. They can always come in without fear of being judged or shamed.”