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Hereditary Cancer Risk Program

When it comes to understanding your risk of disease, you deserve a personalized, proactive approach. We’re dedicated to providing you with the resources and information necessary to help protect your health and well-being.
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Why Methodist?

Whether you or a family member have been touched by cancer or you’re simply interested in understanding and reducing your risk, the Methodist hereditary cancer program offers advanced genetic testing and counseling resources.

Genetic Testing and Counseling 

Genetic changes – or mutations – inherited from your parents can increase your risk for developing certain types of cancers. In fact, according to the National Cancer Institute, up to 10% of all cancers may be caused by inherited genetic changes.

To help you better understand your inherited risk of cancer, your provider may recommend that you or your loved ones undergo genetic testing for cancer and counseling. If you’ve received a cancer diagnosis, your provider may also recommend genetic testing to get a better understanding of your specific cancer.

The Methodist Hereditary Cancer Risk Program is designed to give you the knowledge and support necessary to help you understand your risk and make informed health care decisions. Our team has partnered with several third-party experts to provide a comprehensive experience – guiding you through the testing process and additional recommended counseling to help you understand the results of your tests.

It’s important to remember that a positive genetic testing result indicates an increased risk for cancer, not a cancer diagnosis. But your results can help guide your care and the care of your family members.
Based on the results of your genetic testing, your provider may:

  • Recommend earlier or more frequent cancer screenings
  • Review or adjust your current medications
  • Recommend additional preventive measures like surgery 

If you’re interested in genetic testing for counseling and counseling, speak with your provider. All Methodist Health System patients have access to the Hereditary Cancer Risk Program regardless of where they receive treatment.

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