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Hereditary Cancer Risk Program

When it comes to understanding your risk of disease, you deserve a personalized, proactive approach. We are dedicated to providing you the resources and information necessary to help protect your health and well-being.
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Why Methodist?

Whether you or a family member have been touched by cancer or you’re simply interested in reducing your risk, Methodist is dedicated to helping you understand and prevent disease through genetic counseling and testing.

Genetic Counseling and Testing

GeneMatters Purely genetic counseling. Delivered.

Methodist is proud to partner with GeneMatters to offer you quality and timely genetic counseling during 30- to 60-minute telehealth sessions with a board-certified counselor. These sessions provide information on genetic conditions relevant to you and your family. They’re designed to help you understand your cancer risk and make the most informed health care decisions possible.

Here’s how it works:

  • Your primary care provider will submit a referral form, along with your Release of Information (ROI) form, to the Hereditary Cancer Risk Program. Please download both forms and complete only the ROI form (English version or Spanish version). Your provider will complete the referral form.
  • Once we’ve received the referral and ROI forms from your provider, we’ll contact you to schedule an appointment with GeneMatters.
  • Your initial appointment will be used to gather information on your family history and determine whether testing is right for you. If testing is appropriate, GeneMatters will provide instructions on next steps.
  • Once results are available (usually within a few weeks), we’ll contact you to schedule a final appointment with GeneMatters.
  • During your final appointment, GeneMatters will review your genetic test results in detail.
  • Your results will be available in your electronic medical record and will be shared with you via email.

All Methodist Health System patients have access to the Hereditary Cancer Risk Program regardless of where they receive treatment.

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