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Geriatric Assessment Clinic

Whether you’re facing age-related health changes or other cognitive challenges, it’s important to have a trusted support network. Methodist can help with an individualized approach to diagnosis, treatment and care.
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Comprehensive Care for Older Adults

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic focuses on adults with known or suspected cognitive changes due to dementia, stroke, injury, neurological disease or other causes. With a thorough evaluation, our staff can help determine if the changes are related to normal aging, disease, illness, the effects of medication or psychological factors.

Individuals who may benefit most from our services include those experiencing:
  • Memory loss
  • Multiple medical conditions
  • Social/psychological issues
  • Falls
  • Incontinence
  • Wandering
  • Depression
  • Weight loss
  • A decline in or a lack of independent functioning
  • Safety concerns
Individualized recommendations may include:
  • Adjusting medication
  • Treating depression
  • Starting an exercise program
  • Using community resources
  • Receiving education on age-related issues

Your Team

Our multidisciplinary team of professionals, all specially trained to meet the needs of older adults, is led by fellowship-trained geriatric physicians. It also includes a neuropsychologist, pharmacist, care coordinator and patient advocate. We partner with Methodist Physicians Clinic primary care providers to find solutions for patients facing age-related and cognitive challenges.

The Geriatric Assessment Clinic Is Located at:

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