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Diabetes Programs in Fremont

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Adult Diabetes Care in Fremont

Our diabetes programs through Methodist Physicians Clinic can provide patients with essential education and support to help manage diabetes and reduce the risk of complications.

If you have dietary questions related to your diabetes, contact our dietitian at (402) 815-7843.

If you have questions about our diabetes program offerings, please contact your primary care provider.

Programs Offered

Diabetes Team-Based Care

This program offers individualized visits with a diabetic nurse educator, physical therapist, registered dietitian and pharmacist. The program provides continuous, supportive and effective care for people with diabetes throughout the course of their disease, assisting in management and the prevention of complications. It is offered the first and second Friday of each month. Physician referral is not required. Physician referral is required.

Gestational Diabetes Program

Individualized instruction is provided by a diabetes educator and a registered dietitian for self-management of diabetes during pregnancy. Physician referral and patient registration are required.

Continuous Glucose Monitoring

This program evaluates continuous blood glucose readings over a 72-hour period, correlating with nutritional intake and medication.

Individual Nutritional Counseling

We offer medical nutrition therapy for disease management or overall health. This program is reimbursed by Medicare and most private insurance companies.
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