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Methodist Physicians Clinic Welcomes Noninvasive Cardiologist Jeremy Stone

Published: Jan. 3, 2022

For Jeremy Stone, MD, the ability to help improve a patient’s quality of life is exciting and humbling.

“It’s simply the greatest feeling to see your patient overcome obstacles and achieve their goals,” said Dr. Stone, a noninvasive cardiologist who has joined the staff at Methodist Physicians Clinic. “My favorite moments come from seeing how much better they feel after treating their heart problem. Or the pride on their face when they describe their victories in lifestyle changes. I’m always astounded by the resilience and determination many people have, just waiting to be tapped into.”

Dr. Stone has extensive experience with cardiac imaging, including cardiac MRI and cardiac CT procedures. He’s also skilled in cardio-oncology, helping to guide the care of cancer patients who are at risk for heart complications. Methodist’s commitment to exploring such advanced approaches makes him proud to be part of its cardiology team.

“Being at the cutting edge of health care, making sure you have the best technology and are learning the newest techniques, that’s incredibly important,” he said. “Thankfully, Methodist is a place committed to bringing those unique tools to patients.”

Providing outstanding care, however, starts with building a strong relationship with patients. By creating a safe, comfortable environment and listening to all concerns and questions, Dr. Stone can tailor a plan that’s right for each patient.

“That’s really the best part of medicine,” he said. “You can learn a lot of interesting things in a textbook, but it comes down to the human interaction. That’s what keeps me loving what I do.”

When he’s not working, Dr. Stone can be found playing the piano and composing music on his laptop and keyboard. He also enjoys traveling internationally, attending concerts, reading science fiction and fantasy novels, and keeping active with weight lifting, yoga and high-intensity interval training.