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Connect Your Health Management Apps

Methodist Health System is committed to improving the health of our communities and your overall health care experience by providing innovative resources to help better manage your health.
Request Connection
Securely connect your health record to the health management apps you may regularly use (fitness trackers, dietary apps, etc.) by filling out our online form.
Once we receive your request, we will be in touch (typically within two business days) regarding next steps or updates.

Connected Applications

The applications listed below are already connected to our health record. Check back here as applications will be regularly added as they are connected.

Apple Health app icon

Apple Health Records

Methodist patient portal users can now access important health data through the iPhone's built-in Health app. With Apple Health, information on immunizations, lab results, medications and vitals is stored alongside data about your activity, sleep, nutrition and more. Learn more about Apple Health.

Huddle by DrFirst logo

Huddle by DrFirst

Many of us help care for others—our children, our parents, our grandparents, or those close to us—as well as ourselves. We are proud to connect to Huddle, a personal health record app that helps patients and caregivers better manage care by allowing them to quickly access, organize, and share medical information. Learn more about Huddle.

For Developers

If you have already developed, or plan to develop, an app that you would like to connect to NE Methodist Health System’s Cerner Millennium Electronic Health Record, the first step is to visit Click on the “Start Coding” link to get access to all of the documentation you’ll need to develop against Cerner’s Ignite APIs and “Submit an App” for review.

Methodist My Care app logo on smartphone

Download the Methodist My Care app

With the Methodist My Care app, you receive all the benefits of the patient portal through a convenient app on your phone or tablet.

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