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Visiting Hours and Policy

Due to the rapidly evolving nature of COVID-19, Methodist hospital and facility visitor policies are reviewed and updated on an ongoing basis.
Effective Monday, April 11:

All adult and child visitors/support persons to any Methodist Health System facility will continue to be screened and must be capable of wearing well-fitted, hospital-grade, multilayer procedural masks. Fabric masks, gaiters, vented masks, face shields and bandanas are not allowed. Appropriate masks will be provided at entrances. Fabric masks over surgical masks and nonvented N95/KN95 masks may be allowed.

  • There are no restrictions on the number of visitors who may visit non-COVID patients during regular visiting hours. Visitors may access all public areas and do not need to leave the hospital immediately after visiting patients.
  • Lab-confirmed COVID-positive patients will be permitted to have up to two fully vaccinated visitors per day during regular visiting hours. Visitors should not access public areas during or after their visit and should leave the hospital after visiting the patient.
  • Visitors to COVID-positive rooms will be required to show proof of vaccination. People are considered fully vaccinated:
    • Two weeks after their second dose of a two-dose series (Pfizer or Moderna)
    • Two weeks after a single-dose vaccine (Johnson & Johnson)
  • The Emergency Department (ED) allows up to two visitors/support persons to stay with an ED patient.

Critical care, NICU and other specialty units may have additional visitor-specific guidelines.

Patients receiving end-of-life care as determined by the care team are an exception to the policies above.

Additional exceptions may be discussed with the facility's administrative personnel or infection prevention experts.

Methodist Physicians Clinics, Hospital-Owned Clinics, Outpatient Diagnostics

There are no restrictions on the number of support persons allowed to accompany a patient.

Surgical Care Settings

Two support persons are permitted in the waiting areas during regular visiting hours at hospital locations.

Inpatient Behavioral Health Settings

Two adult support persons per day are permitted.

For location specific visiting hours and policies, select from the options below.

Methodist Fremont Health Visitor Policy


Methodist Hospital Visitor Policy


Methodist Jennie Edmundson Visitor Policy


Methodist Women's Hospital Visitor Policy


Methodist Physicians Clinic Visitor Policy

One adult visitor is allowed at all Methodist Physicians Clinic locations.

Methodist Dunklau Gardens Visitor Policy


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