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Patient-Centered Medical Home

The Methodist Patient-Centered Medical Home program takes a holistic, collaborative approach to helping you reach your health goals while managing and preventing acute and chronic illness.
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Why Methodist?

Through the Patient-Centered Medical Home program, a multidisciplinary team of experts focuses on compassionate care and state-of-the-art treatment while educating and empowering you. The program, which is made up of more than 85 providers and more than 45 health coaches, is available in many of our primary care and specialty clinics.

Program Highlights

A Team Effort

Each team member contributes a different expertise. Your team includes your primary care provider, clinic team, a specially trained health coach and other health care professionals who can assist you on your health care journey. When necessary, your team will collaborate with chronic disease experts and assist with referrals, transportation, financial, prescription and psychosocial needs.

More One-on-One Time

We’re dedicated to an individualized approach to help you understand your medications, nutrition and activity for better health. Your team stands ready to answer your questions and provide guidance tailored specifically to your needs.


Patient-Centered Medical Home teams help reduce the risk of future complications, emergency room visits and hospitalizations. 

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